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PIAGET - EMPERADOR COUSSIN XL 700PIntroducing the Piaget - Emperador Coussin XL 700PQuartz rebooted!Just as if the body weight on the 1970s crisis is lifted off their shoulders, Swiss watchmakers are suddenly unleashing their imagination on quartz movements. The most recent example is Piaget's Emperador Coussin XL 700P using a generator-regulated mechanical movement.Quartz movements came to be in 1967 in the middle Electronique Horloger in Neuch芒tel and first sold by Japanese company Seiko in 1969. The movements use quartz's electro-physical properties to split time. By using pressure with a thin quartz strip, its atomic structure (organised into geometric crystals) is distorted and starts to vibrate often - over 32,000 times a 2nd. When you include a battery-powered circuit to take care of the vibrations, additionally replica rolex daytona price watches , it sends electrical impulses to power the seconds hand.Piaget has had things further: there is no battery to power the machine. The brand's 700P calibre will be based upon an existing mechanical movement: a barrel, wound by an off-centre mini-rotor, fuels a superbly conventional wheel train. They did switch the traditional balance spring having a miniature generator to regulate the force. Because generator turns, it makes a power current to power a quartz replica montblanc carbon watches . But that isn't what brings hands your: it behaves as a counter and comparator to control the generator's rotation speed. This is what performs as being a balance wheel since it spins at exactly 5.33 rotations/second (almost 4Hz): the rotor thus remains in direct hitting the replica watches ground with the wheel and turns often enough to show any time. If it happened to quicken, the quartz resonator would warn a processor which could activate a brake system."It's a really reliable system", says Eric Klein, Movement Strategy Director at Piaget. "It isn't afflicted with magnetic fields and is also highly shock-resistant. In addition to that, its chronometer performance reaches 1 second per day". Updated to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Piaget's first quartz movement, the famous ultra-thin 7P travelling to 1976, the exclusive edition (188 available) Emperador Coussin XL 700P will be the fruit of 2 years of R&D plus a dozen patents.The thought behind this sort of hybrid engine is nothing new. As Eric Klein himself says, it's based upon an innovative concept by Jean-Claude Berney that's patented in 1972 . The engineer was employed by Ebauches SA at the time and it was hoping to get gone batteries since they were cumbersome together a small lifespan. However, he never were make his invention reliable.Price: 70,000 CHF (118 available) piaget.comBy Fabrice Eschmann fake watches replica audemars piguet las vegas watches
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